MAGIC-HT-PRO is a high performance industrial grade 3D Printer based on FDM technology (fused deposition) with printing temperature up to 450°C, heated platform up to 170°C and chamber temperature up to 120°C .also benefits with liquid cooling system.

Is equipped with two detachable print heads "plug and play " for simple maintenance also opens up the possibility of soluble support for technical filaments.

IEMAI MAGIC-HT-PRO features with Wi-Fi connectivity, filament detection, a 5 inches color touchscreen, important add-on is the multi-functional moisture proof cabinet.


Ordinar and Industrial grade filaments: PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU / PEEK, ULTEM, PPSU, PEAK PEKK, PC, PA, Carbon Fiber

Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Build volume:310 x 310 x 480 mm   

Max extruder temperature: 450°C

Max chamber temperature: 120°C

Max hot bed temperature: 170°C

Layer resolution: 50 Microns

Print heads: dual (2x450°C) high temperature

Liquid cooled system double print head

Power Failure Recovery. Filament detection

Position Accuracy:X/Y12.5 Microns  Z:1.25 Microns

Nozzle size: standard 0.4 mm, optional 0.2~1.0 mm

Max print speed:150 mm/s

Closed print chamber fully enclosed

Temperature controlled print chamber

Print bed: High viscosity fiberboard, CARBON FIBER Plate

Quick release printing platform

Display: 5 inches full color touch screen

Firmware: Open-source

Connectivity: USB /SD Card/Wi-Fi (cell phone)

Machine dimensions: 702*624*1580mm/ Packing: 780*690*980*2mm

Net Weight : 238KG / Packing Weight : 260 KG 

Multifunctional moisture proof cabinet for tools and consumables with humidity control range: 10~20%; Internal volume is 180L, space for 36 rolls of 1kg/spool filament.

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