Creality LD006

Creality LD006

Eight Core Configurations:

8.9'' monochrome screen: Exposure time 1-4s

4K solid-state display: 3840x2400dpi

Rapid printing: Max. speed 60mm/h

Large printing size: 192x120x250mm

Directional matrix UV: Quartz LED

Stable Z-axis: Dual linear guide rails

4.3'' color touch screen: Better user experience

Cooling & purification: Dual-fan + active carbon


8.9'' Monochrome Screen- Max. printing speed 60mm/h


Service life up to 2000H quadrupled that of the color screen; Higher print speed as single-layer curing time reduced to 1-4s.




High Resolution 3840x2400dpi


A clear display of every detail guarantees perfect printing without blurs or grains.

4k resolution-3840x2400dpi; XY axis precision-0.05mm


Large printing size-192x120x250mm


Large print size for various demands and printing tasks.




New directional, Matrix light source: Matrix light source with Min. angle 2°, quartz LED, and even ultraviolet radiation, ensure printing quality. 


Sturdy Z-axis Structure: Z-axis, based on dual linear slide rails and T-rod, achieves better precision and smoother surface. 


Build-in Air Purification System: Dual- fan cooling system; Active carbon air purification for odor-free user experience.


Humanized creative resin vat: 

1, Liquid level meter to prevent resin waste;

2, Vat stands for protecting the release film from being scratched or contaminated.


Product Parameters:


Machine size: 325x290x500mm

Printing size: 192x120x250mmx

Machine weight: 14.3kg

XY axis precision:0.05mm

Printing speed: 1-4s/per layer

Layer thickness: 0.01-0.1mm

Touch screen: 4.3'' TN touch screen

LCD resolution: 3840x2400

Filament: 405nm UV sensitive resin

Light source: Matrix directional source

Z-axis type: Linear slide rail + T-rod

Resin vat: metal vat

Platform material: aluminum alloy

Package weight: 15.8kg

  • Return and refund policy

    Non Returnable

  • Warranty

    1 year for printer , 3months for lcd